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Meet Dr. Williams

Dr. Crystal Williams Maynard is a vibrant and accomplished orthodontist with a passion for creating beautiful and healthy smiles. Born in the tropical paradise of Nassau, Bahamas, Dr. Williams’ warmth and charisma are evident in everything she does. Her unwavering dedication to her craft began during her undergraduate studies at the University of Miami, where she excelled in her major of Biology.

Driven by her desire to help others achieve their dream smiles, Dr. Williams went on to obtain her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Howard University. With an impressive list of academic achievements under her belt, she continued her pursuit of excellence by completing her orthodontic training at Jacksonville University, solidifying her status as a Board-Certified Orthodontist.

With a genuine care for both oral health and overall well-being, Dr. Williams is an active member of the American Association of Orthodontics and the American Dental Association. Her commitment to making a positive impact in the world extends beyond the dental office walls as she volunteers with various local charities in Savannah and aboard.

In her free time, you can find Dr. Williams lacing up her running shoes or exploring new destinations with her husband, Dr. Roy Maynard, and their two sons RJ (Roy Maynard III) and Roman Maynard. With grace and charm, she effortlessly balances being a successful professional, devoted wife, and loving mother – making Dr. Crystal Williams Maynard a true inspiration to all.


For the love of science

As a child growing up in the crystal-clear waters and warm, friendly atmosphere of Nassau, Bahamas, I was surrounded by the universal expression of happiness — smiles. There, amidst the tranquil scenery and bustling communities, I first understood the profound impact a beautiful smile could have.

My journey began with a fascination for science and a desire to make a meaningful difference. Through the lens of public health, I envisioned a world where confidence and health intersected, and vibrant smiles spoke volumes without saying a word. I discovered the incredible power to transform a person’s smile and, in doing so, shifting their entire sense of self. Orthodontics allows me to blend artistry with science, crafting beautiful smiles and fostering confidence in each patient that I see.

Transforming smiles

When I embarked on my journey in dentistry, I never imagined the profound impact I could have on people’s lives. The power to transform a smile and witness the boost in a patient’s confidence is truly humbling. I found true fulfillment in crafting smiles that light up a room, not simply by shifting teeth with braces but by instilling a renewed sense of self-worth.

Georgetown Orthodontics

Establishing Georgetown Orthodontics is an opportunity to invest in the local Savannah community by transforming smiles. It’s working with youth, young adults, and professionals who live and work throughout the Low Country. I aim to bring back that spark that we often lose in the mundane routines of life, to offer a haven where patients find comfortable treatment plans and the confidence to embark on their personal transformational journeys. It’s about celebrating every patient’s unique smile and the story it tells.

Here, at Georgetown Orthodontics, I stand as an orthodontist, as a guide, a supporter, and a believer in the power of the human smile. I invite you to join me as we embrace the journey of finding balance, confidence, and vitality — one smile at a time. Be transformed. Smile. Be beautiful.


God Bless,

Crystal Williams

Crystal Williams, DDS

Primary Services


Invisalign treatment is a popular orthodontic option for straightening teeth without the use of traditional metal braces. It utilizes a series of clear, custom-made aligners that gradually move teeth into their desired positions. Each aligner is slightly different from the previous one, applying gentle pressure to specific teeth to gradually shift them into alignment.


We use the Damon Brace Technology which aims to provide a more comfortable and efficient orthodontic treatment compared to traditional braces. Some features of this system include being self-litigating which is a sliding mechanism to hold the archwire in place instead of elastic or metal ties. This can reduce friction between the brackets and the wire, potentially leading to faster treatment and fewer adjustments.

Early/Phase I Treatment

Orthodontic Phase I treatment, often referred to as interceptive orthodontics, is a proactive approach to orthodontic care typically administered to children between the ages of 7 and 11. It aims to address dental and skeletal discrepancies in the early stages of development, potentially minimizing the severity of orthodontic issues in the future.